Friday, August 3, 2007

Wet Dog! by Elise Broach illustrations by David Catrow

wet-dog.jpgWet Dog! by Elise Broach illustrations by David Catrow

Genre: Children's Fiction

Publication Date: 2005

Recommended Age group: 2 and Up

Summary: Wet Dog! is about a hot old dog who is just trying to cool off from the "too-hot sun." He goes through getting wet by different kinds of water. First he sees a man washing his car, then in a sink full of dishes, he goes on through many different kinds until he ends up in a like. The whole time people are telling him to shoo but in the end they realize he's got the right idea and they too jump in the lake to get out of the "too-hot sun."

Personal Notes: A fun book to real aloud to anyone. My children and I love this book. It's a little above my one year old's attention span but my two year-old enjoys the rhythm and sounds. Elise Broach uses great repetition and fun sounds to keep the readers attention. I also love how they are learning about different kinds of water with a fun story line. The illustration by David Catrow are fun and fitting. The dog is so cute you just have to love him!

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