Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jinx by Meg Cabot

jinxJinx by Meg Cabot fits into the juvenile fiction genre and was published in 2007. It is recommended for readers ages 14 and up.

Meg Cabot is my favorite author for teenage girls. I love her captivating writing style and wit. I have an entire shelf of books devoted to her writing. That being said I think that Jinx far outweighed my expectations and is probably her best work. The novel tells the story of Jean, an Iowa farm girl who moves to New York to escape some bad luck in her past. Living with her mom's sister, Jean learns about herself, her past, and the truth behind her crazy cousin's antics. Jean is a descendant of an apparent witch and she and her cousin Tory both try their hands at witchcraft. Tory takes the whole thing very seriously and thinks that she is the only proper heir of magic and tries to ruin Jean's new life in New York. Along the way Jean also meets a boy who convinces her of her worth and in the end saves her life. Overall I'd say it was a great book with a fun twist from Cabot's usual girl meets boy writing.

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