Thursday, April 3, 2008

Megan by Jack Weyland

megan.jpgMegan by Jack Weyland

Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Published in 2001

Recommended Age Group: 16 and Up

Summary: Megan, seventeen and a senior in high school, was basically a good girl who just wanted to be liked. She went to church and believed in God but did always live the way she thought she should or the way that her parents taught her. One day her best friend Thomas sets her up with a friend named Kurt that graduated from their high school a year before. In an effort to impress Kurt, Megan does things that she’s not comfortable with but wants him to be happy and wants to make sure he has a good time. Eventually with a lot of smooth talking on Kurt’s part and a lot of giving in on Megan’s she gets pregnant. Megan struggles with what to do with the baby. Kurt seemed experienced with this problem and told her about how to get an abortion but Megan decided it wasn’t right for her. Though the support of her family and friends Megan is able to get though the pregnancy and makes the toughest decision ever, who will care for her baby?

Personal Notes: This was a captivating and interesting book and in spite of the difficult subject matter it was enjoyable. Weyland got down to some deep core issues without being preachy. I felt like I could understand and empathize with Megan and her decisions and suffering. It would be a good book for young women to read because of the valuable lessons it teaches about morality and chastity but also how it teaches about forgiveness and the love of God for each one of us.

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